Why Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Are So Expensive?

Citizen Eco-Drive watches are expensive because the technology is so advanced and precious. Citizen launched its first patented Eco-Drive watch, and since then, it has been improving on this new kind of technology by making it better and more environmentally friendly.

First-generation Eco-Drive watches used non-replaceable batteries. They employed a solar cell embedded into the case back to charge the battery. This was the first “solar-powered” watch, however current versions kept better time without a battery.

How to Buy Citizen Eco-Drive Watch?

There are many ways to buy a Citizen Eco-Drive watch, but the most reliable one is through an online shop that has been recommended by other people. Most of them are reliable, provide high-quality products and offer fair prices. In addition, they offer great customer service and timely delivery. 

If you are going to purchase a citizen watch. You can visit their website, and read through the product description and specifications so that you can get a better idea of what you want before actually buying one.

You can also ask the online shop if they have any promotional offers or discounts. Most online shops provide information about the warranty period they offer on each product they sell.

Citizen Eco-Drive FD4007-51W Women’s Watch

It’s hard to have a meaningful and complete conversation about Citizen Eco-Drive Women’s Watch without mentioning the Eco-Drive movement that powers it. Citizen takes great pride in the technology that drives this watch.

The movement of this model is based on an energy-recovery system. The citizen watch has a solar cell built into its solid case back that converts natural and artificial light into usable energy to power. So far, no other brand has been able to replicate it yet.

Built around the same technology as the “Eco-Drive” system, the watch never needs a battery replacement. It uses this energy to charge its power cell, so it can continue to power the watch.

The time is displayed in an analog font with a sweep second hand. There are also luminous hands for easy reading in dark conditions. It has a sapphire crystal that gives excellent resistance to scratches. The crown of this watch is screw-down style with a two-fold function to act as the stopwatch button or to adjust the time precisely.

Similar to the other models from the current collection. The citizen women’s Watch includes a calendar on the face. Which allows you to set the date, day, and time accurately.

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