Use Citizen Promaster BN4048-14X Men’s Watch To Make Someone Fall In Love

Approximate Case Diameter: 46mm, Approximate Case Thickness: 14mm

A lot of people fall in love with the Citizen Promaster Altimeter Eco-Drive BN4048-14X Men’s Watch because of the high accuracy and performance its altimeter provides. They also fall in love with its green dial, date display and luminous hands and markers. This watch is beyond compare when it comes to performance, design, looks and price. Never one to rest on its laurels, a superior and timeless design demand considerably more effort and expectations than an ordinary watch. The Citizen Promaster BN4048-14X Men’s Watch is a classic, which stands out not only due to its unique design but also due to its impeccable performance. This is why lots of people want to stick to this type of watch because they know they can count on it; That is why they always look for great deals.

The Citizen Watch is a rugged, masculine watch that provides accuracy and performance in every stride you take. This timepiece also provides chronograph functionality as well as an altimeter that allows for precision timing. The included eco-drive technology will ensure low power consumption when not being used. Its water-resistant construction makes it suitable for any environment without sacrificing aesthetics. Its appearance is further enhanced with a green dial that complements other neutral tones within the design of the watch. This Citizen Promaster Altimeter Eco-Drive keeps you on track with its water resistance and durable, stainless steel case material.

Altimeter Function

It features an altimeter that shows accurate measurements of altitude. It can be used to determine the elevation gain or loss in feet from one point to another. The Citizen Promaster Men’s Watch has an Altimeter function with a needle pointer for precise timing. It also includes a chronograph, which can be used as an electronic compass or power reserve. The watch has a date display at 3 o’clock position that helps to track elapsed time and allows the wearer to measure intervals between two events, such as running times of activities.

Electronic Compass

It can also be used as an electronic compass that shows direction and distance. Features a small arrow with a line indicating direction.

Power Reserve Indicator

The watch is powered by an Eco-Drive automatic movement that indicates the power reserve of the watch. It tells the user how much power remains. The watch will automatically switch off if it stops receiving power from the timepiece’s battery until it is recharged again by being used frequently or manually by pressing the button on the side of the watch. The body of this model has a water-resistant construction which means it can resist pressure from splashes or heavy rain but not diving or scuba diving. The glass of the watch is a non-reflective mineral crystal.

200M Watch Water Resistance

This has a water resistance that allows the watch to resist the effects of splashes, rain, or gently pouring water but not scuba diving or underwater work. It’s suitable for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and showering. Glass is a mineral crystal that offers high durability and resistance.

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