The Citizen AR1110-11B is a Handsome men’s watch

Elegant simplicity best describes the Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto Super Thin AR1110-11B Men’s Watch. The Eco-Drive movement within it is self-recharging and requires no batteries, and that’s only one of many convenient extras. Whoever you are, this watch is for the man who wants to make a bold statement without coming off as obnoxious.

If you like watches that are sleek and sophisticated but yet reasonably sized, this one is for you. However, its ultra-slim form is what really sets it apart, since it won’t get caught on your cuffs like bulkier watches. Unlike the huge watches, this one can fit on even small wrists, and its simple design (down to the second hand) makes it a great addition to any formal outfit.

One of the most innovative watch technologies I’ve seen is the Eco-Drive mechanism. The watch doesn’t need new batteries because it can recharge itself. During the day, it uses solar energy to power itself, and at night, it automatically recharges (but only if exposed to light). The total height of the casing is 20mm, yet it is just 4.7mm thick. It’s ideal for situations where you need to seem professional but don’t want to draw attention to yourself by wearing a flashy watch.

Even if you don’t use your watch, just wearing it will allow the internal solar cell to recharge the battery. With more exposure to light, the charging process accelerates. That’s fantastic for the constantly mobile. When it comes to the timeliness of events, I have never once seen a discrepancy.

The Citizen AR1110-11B watch has a classic and sophisticated style. The bezel, which is gloss black, has a wavelike design in the lower right corner. The case itself is smooth and featureless, except for the minute markers that run around the outside rim.

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