The Best Citizen NH8350-08B Men’s Watch

This automatic men’s watch from Citizen, the NH8350-08B, strikes the ideal balance between cutting-edge technology and timelessly elegant design. The case of this watch is stainless steel and measures 48 millimetres in diameter. It has a white face and a black leather strap, and it can survive water, perspiration, and other harsh conditions.

It’s an elegant dress watch with an automatic movement that keeps perfect time. The white dial represents how straightforward the intricate mechanisms that are ticking inside are. For a good number of years, the 8200 has served as the base automobile. This watch is also up to the task! A worthy first-round take in your pursuit of the perfect dress watch. extremely appropriate for use as ceremonial clothing. Alternatively, activities that need black tie attire, such as social congregations and formal dinners,

The stainless steel hands on this Citizen Automatic Watch make it easy to tell the time in any setting. Additionally, the day and date display located at 3 o’clock makes it simple to determine which day it currently is. Citizen’s model number NH8350-08B NH8350-08B solar watch lets you make energy during the day and store it in the watch’s battery by using the power you make from the things you do.

The Citizen Automatic Watch can therefore function for up to five years without a single battery charge. If you use the solar-powered feature, you’ll never be late to another appointment because of a dead battery, and you won’t miss another one, either. The watch’s dimensions are 48 millimetres in circumference for the case and 14 millimetres for the dial’s height (15 mm). The watch band is top-notch genuine leather and fastens with a stainless steel butterfly clasp.

The Citizen NH8350-08B Automatic Men’s Watch’s glass face scratches, scuffs, and scrapes easily. Keep your watch away from coins, keys, and other hard things because it is not scratch-proof. These are the kinds of things that are likely to destroy the beautiful finish on your brand new watch.

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