Details of Citizen Automatic Movement

The Citizen Analog Automatic NH8363-14A Men's Watch is a great watch to have if you're looking for something that will last you a while. 

This watch will make you stand out with its elegant design and with the 50M water-resistant feature that it has.

This timepiece is classy and trendy, but it manages an expert balance that will make it appropriate for any situation or event.

The stainless steel case offers an impressive aesthetic, while still being durable enough to provide ample protection. 

The rose gold tone of the stainless steel case makes this particular model irresistibly alluring. Steel bars adorn the side of the case and are noticeable when you wear this wristwatch, adding a sense of sophistication that many other watches lack.

The beige dial features a subtle pattern that provides an interesting touch. This particular dial has a simple look, but the patterns and colors make it appear more fashionable than other models at comparable prices. 

At first glance, the degree of texture on the dial can seem a bit cluttered. But this is not so much an issue as you'll soon realize. 

The textured print on this timepiece's face is such that it provides excellent readability and comfort.

Citizen, the makers of this Analog Automatic NH8363-14A Men's Watch, have made great strides to improve the movement that powers this watch.

Automatic Movement

The Citizen is their newest addition to the watch industry. This technology allows for a smooth winding mechanism that will not cause any undue stress on your wrist or fingers. 

You can enjoy a worry-free day knowing that you'll never have to wind your watch again.

If you're in the market for an automatic watch, but you're unwilling to spend too much money, then this Citizen model is a great choice. 

Citizen Watch provides all of the features that make automatic timepieces so desirable, and the affordable price makes it worth every cent.

Automatic movement mechanical watches have been around for a long time. But did you know that automatic movement is the best option for a sports watch or any watch that you need to be on your wrist continuously? 

Automatic watches require no manual winding, which makes them more accurate and harder to burn out than self-winding watches.


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