Citizen Promaster BJ7010-24W Fashionable Men’s Watch

The Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive NightHawk Pilot BJ7010-24W Men’s Watch is an elegant timepiece that comes equipped with a number of functions, including a date window, hour, minute, and second hands, as well as water resistance that can reach a depth of up to 200 meters. If you are seeking a fashionable watch that is also available at a reasonable price range, the Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive NightHawk Pilot BJ7010-24W Men’s Watch is the perfect option for you to consider.

A watch that is unique, functional, packed with geeky features, and built to last for an outdoor enthusiast. For others, it is simply the familiarity of the ordinary. The mechanically inclined, wheel (or propellers)-whirring crowd has a lot of respect for the multi-functional slide rule; with this, you get information on fuel consumption, mph, and projected time of arrival.

Apart from that, you can easily perform operations like multiplying and dividing numbers, converting ratios and percentages (even when working with integers and decimals), and calculating values in metric units.Additionally, the slide rule enables the transformation of it into different forms.

Because this watch was crafted using sustainable resources, not only is it an attractive addition to your wristwear collection, but it is also an investment that will pay off for you in the long term. Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive NightHawk Pilot BJ7010-24W is the model number for this product.

The Men’s Watch is the ideal piece of transitional jewelry for active men who are looking for a strong and long-lasting watch that can keep up with their hectic lifestyles. This watch features a classic design that will never go out of style.

The dial of the Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive nighthawk BJ7010-24W, which is brown and somewhat basic, has a simple design. Even if it does not have the same level of aesthetic appeal as its competitors in this quality category, it nevertheless possesses a certain allure and is practical.

The index of the Night Hawk BJ7010-24W features numbers at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. There is a date window located at the three o’clock position. However, in order to better blend in with the dial, the date window might be dark black in color rather than blue. The hands are long and shaped like swords; they are painted white and have brightly lit ends, which give them an eerie appearance.


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