Citizen NH8380-15E Excellent Men’s Watch

The Citizen Automatic 100M NH8380-15E Men’s Watch is an excellent choice for the man who is actively engaged in his career. This watch is outfitted with an automatic movement that is capable of drawing power from any source of light, whether it natural or artificial, in order to maintain functionality even while the watch is not being worn or is being charged.

One of the names that is considered to be among the most recognisable in the watch industry is Citizen. Citizen is a brand that is favoured by both men and women due to the brand’s distinctive looks as well as the reliability of its watches. Invest on a wristwatch made by Citizen! The newest watch in their collection has all of the makings to become your go-to timepiece.

The Citizen NH8380-15E 100M is a watch that is not only lightweight but also durable and functional. It has a date display, an alarm, and many time zones built right in. However, one characteristic that sets it apart from the other watches is the arresting colour combinations that it has.

Having said that, in addition to the regular colour options, you also have the choice of having it manufactured in either silver or black. It is all up to you!

When it comes to options, Citizen allows the wearer the freedom to decide how they want to put the product on. You have the option of getting it with a black or silver link band. Each one has a look that is all its own, and how you wear it will determine how it looks. Both of these items are composed of stainless steel.

This contributes not just to its longevity but also to the fact that it has a lightweight feel to it. The actual band has buckle clasp designs in it, which make the process of changing it very simple.

The watch’s case is constructed of stainless steel and has a diameter of 46 millimetres and a thickness of 13 millimetres. Its thickness is also measured in millimetres.

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