Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator AW1360-12H Men’s Watch

Any style-conscious individual who enjoys a wide range of colour options and timepieces that are designed with functionality in mind would be well served to add the Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator Power Reserve Watch to their collection of accessories.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator has a case made of stainless steel, and it has a dial that is a dark grey colour. It also has curved crystal glass. Because it does not need to be recharged because it has a power reserve, this watch is an excellent choice for individuals who are constantly on the move.

Because this watch is water-resistant to a depth of one hundred metres, you can wear it regardless of the environment, including if you go deep-sea diving. Altering the straps is also made more simpler than it has ever been before by the light brown leather strap pin buckle.

Citizen has introduced a new range of watches called the Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator collection watch series. When compared to regular watches, which require the wearer to recharge their batteries by using a solar panel on the face of the watch, this new form of watch will conserve a significant amount of energy in comparison.

Citizen has introduced a brand new watch collection, which is also being referred to as the “watch of the next generation.” Citizen has introduced a new collection of timepieces that make use of the environmentally friendly Eco-Drive technology. This indicates that light, whether it be natural light from sources like the sun or artificial light, will be used to power their devices.

In contrast to conventional watches, Eco-Drive timepieces do not require regular battery replacements, which has led to their widespread acceptance among individuals who participate in a wide variety of physically active pursuits (those that use batteries). The solar panel on an Eco-Drive watch is able to recharge itself by absorbing all different kinds of light, including fluorescent light.

This is model number AW1360-12H of the Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator. The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watch is one of the most recent additions to the line of watches manufactured by Citizen. There is also something called a power reserve indication, which essentially means that you can see how much charge is still in your watch by simply taking a short look at it.

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