Citizen AR3010-65A Gorgeous Men’s Watch

Beautiful and understated, this watch is both fashionable and functional. This is purely a timepiece and serves no other purposes. The focus on style makes it appropriate for business casual to black tie events. The orange accents and see-through back case of the Citizen Stilleto Eco-drive AR3010-65A Men’s Watch make it easy to check the time, even in low light.

Includes a sapphire crystal that will not scratch easily and a case back that can be securely closed with a screw. Up to 100 meters of water resistance. This timepiece has a diameter of 42 millimeters and a thickness of 12 millimeters. 

Citizen is a well-known brand all over the world, and the watch is produced by hand in Japan. This watch is accurate within a margin of 6 seconds every day. To put it more plainly, it is not a Rolex, and you will have to make do with an adjustment of a few seconds per day.

The casing of the Citizen AR3010-65A Stilleto Eco-Drive Men’s Watch is simple but refined. The curved lugs of the strap extend just above the edges of your wrist, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The eco-drive technology guarantees it won’t suddenly stop, leaving you feeling disoriented. If it happens, a brief exposure to any source of illumination should be adequate to restore normal operation.

It includes an orange hour marker that shines out rather well in locations where you need to check the time at night, and it is inlaid with a ceramic material for added scratch resistance. The dial is a generous size, giving the illusion that the watch is larger than its diminutive case.
The iron is highly polished, while the steel is brushed to provide contrast. This watch is quite beautiful in its understated simplicity. Looking down at your wrist every so often will remind you of a bygone era thanks to the bezel.

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