Citizen AR1113-12B Men’s Watch

The Eco-Drive Stilleto Super Thin AR1113-12B from Citizen. The Men’s Watch brand is both stylish and traditional. The Citizen Men’s watch is not only lightweight but also stylish and long-lasting. Since neither a battery nor a solar cell are needed for Eco-Drive technology to work, it will never need to be replaced.

Citizen watches are renowned for their quality, as well as their longevity and user-friendliness. This watch is ideal for any working professional who is always on the go since it combines a classic look with modern functionality.

This Citizen watch, the Men’s Eco-Drive Stilleto Super Thin AR1113-12B Watch, not only looks great, but it also has some great features, like its light weight, easy-to-read dial, splash-proof rating, and unique case design.

Citizen presents an Eco-Drive watch that is very slim. The magnificent Stilleto collection, of which this shoe is a part, The thickness of this watch is barely 4.7 millimetres, making it one of the smallest timepieces ever produced.

Amazing Eco-Drive motion that makes use of the Eco-Drive power system, which gets its energy from the surrounding light. The ideal attire for a day at the office or a night on the town.

The diameter of the case is under 39 millimetres, making it an excellent choice for those with smaller wrists or those who want a lower profile. There is a black ion coating that is applied to the stainless steel case and bracelet.

A buckle clasp that also includes a warning against setting the time serves to hold the watch in place. The sapphire crystal glass face is resistant to scratching and holds up well against the wear and strain of regular use.

The quartz movement that drives the Eco-Drive Stilleto Super Thin AR1113-12B is what provides electricity to this living clock; the rest of the time, this watch is powered by light.

The Citizen Eco-Drive has a broad variety of styles, colours, and sizes so that you may choose the perfect watch for you.

It is appropriate for the workplace as well as for usage as pyjamas. You do not need to buy batteries, nor is it expensive to replace them!

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