5 Questions About Citizen Radio-Controlled Watch You Should Answer Truthfully

Citizen EC1174-84D Women’s Watch

The Citizen Radio Controlled Watch is a beautiful, elegant timekeeper and one of the top citizen watch models. First released this model has been very popular since its release with women looking for a watch that is elegant but also provides their desired features.

One of the most notable features of this citizen watch is that it operates without ever requiring battery replacement. This citizen-watch Eco-Drive recharges itself through an eco-drive mechanism and will never need to be replaced with expensive battery replacements. The radio-controlled sapphire crystal offers an accurate display of the date information.

What makes an eco-drive watch special?

An eco-drive Citizen Radio Controlled Watch has a solar-powered battery. Therefore, it’s always receiving light from the sun or from light to keep it “charged”. This is different from a conventional movement watch which relies on battery changes and requires user intervention. This makes the Citizen Radio Controlled Watch more convenient because you don’t have to worry about changing batteries and you can use the watch at night without draining the solar power source.

Why do people prefer Citizen Watch?

There are many reasons why people prefer Citizen Watch. First and foremost, the Citizen Radio Controlled Watch is eco-friendly. It does not deplete resources from nature to make a watch, unlike other traditional watch brands that need electricity or need access to sunlight in order to operate. Citizen Radio Controlled watches are also very efficient. Instead of wasting energy on conventional means like batteries, it simply recharges itself every time it’s exposed to light.

What kind of bracelet does this watch come with?

This Watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet. This is a sleek, durable bracelet that doesn’t require replacement but stays shiny even after years of use.

What is the dial color?

The dial color of the Citizen watch is white. This gives it a unique, sophisticated look that complements the stainless steel bracelet.

What’s the watch style?

The Citizen radio-controlled watches come in a range of different styles. Choose between a round watch face one that looks more feminine. You can also choose a stainless steel case or a stainless steel bracelet.

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